Rav Menachem Levine

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Publications in Jewish Media
07/29/2017   Making the case for the Chief Rabbinate
(Op-ed in Jpost.com;)
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  Hebrew translations:
  B'sheva newspaper;       Hebrew Arutz Sheva; (PDF copy)
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07/13/2017   An open letter to AIPAC
(Op-ed in Jpost.com;)
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Jewish History
2010-2011   2000 Years of Jewish History in 20 classes Video,audio
02/04/2018   The Incredible Story of Dona Gracia Mendes Nasi Audio
Classes for men
2018   Jewish Leap Year/Two Adars Audio
2018   Tzaar Baalei Chayim Audio
2017   Sugyas in Shas Audio
2017   Approaches to Aggadah Audio
2016 - 2017   Hilchos Shabbos Sugyas Audio
2017   Pesach Potpourri Audio
2016   Kiddush and Havdalah on Shabbos V'Yom Tov Audio
2016   Purim sugyas    Audio
2016   Maseches Shabbos    Audio
2015   Masechta Shabbos for Channukah    Audio
Feb. 2015   "The Laws of Harchokos". A review course. Worldwide Shovarim Project    Audio
Classes for women
2016-18   The Path of the Just. Women’s class on Mesilas Yesharim Audio
2011 - 2016   Preparing for Pesach    Audio
March 2016   Divrei Chizuk to Women’s Tehillim Group    Audio
2015   "Ethics of our Hearts" by Rabbi Bachaya Ibn Pakuda    Audio
Dec. 2014   The Power of Erev Shabbos. Shiur to Moreshes Aviva - Brooklyn, NY    Audio
Nov. 2014   Understanding Bechira Chofsis/Freedom of Choice. Meira Academy Yom Iyun Audio
2012 - 2013   Women’s Chaburah in Character Development based on Alei Shur Audio
Other Shiurim
2018   Preparing for one’s Final Journey: A Torah Approach to Preparing for your own Funeral Video, audio
2016   "Kabbalah 101". Kabbalah class at the Chai House    Audio
July, 2015   Rav Levine's Special Class: SCHMOOZE AND LEARN: OPEN Q & A    Video,audio
2009   Torah Principles for Making Marriage Work. The Art of Shalom Bayis Audio
Speeches, Invocations
November, 2017   Rav Levine's class on Holocaust at Martin Murphy Middle School Video, Audio
2010 - 2017   Rav Levine's Invocations at San Jose City Council Video,audio
2016   Parshas Kedoshim: The Spiritual Quest. Presentation at GOOGLE    Audio
2016   Rav Levine's shiurim at SV Holocaust Survivors Association    Audio
2014   Speech at the Annual Meeting of the Chevra Kadisha of the South Bay    Video,audio